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Bringing our free Will-writing services overseas.

Capacity's work isn't restricted to the UK. Models based on the National Free Wills Network and Free Wills Month have taken place in Canada, USA, Netherlands and Republic of Ireland. We are actively pursuing ventures in other territories using a mixture of direct and remote management.

Republic of Ireland

Both free Will-writing programmes operate across the Republic of Ireland with the Free Wills Network being introduced in 2021, followed by the launch of Free Wills Month in May 2022.

Mirroring the National Free Wills Network, the Free Wills Network is a unique legacy fundraising tool suitable for all charities.

Partnering with RNLI for the launch of Free Wills Month, the campaign offered members of the public a chance to have their Will written for free in the hope a legacy gift is left.

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Gratis Testament Maand

The first Free Wills Month, Gratis Testament Maand in Dutch, launched in the Netherlands in 2021. Following the same model as the UK, the campaign focuses on legacy fundraising for a consortium of charities from different cause areas. The campaign runs in select locations across the Netherlands to offer members of the public the chance to write or update their Will for free in the hope a legacy gift is left to one or more sponsoring charities.

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